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Career Assessment

Constellation works with Sairam Institute of Higher Studies for providing students with guidance on selecting their career. It is meant for both school and college students as well as working professionals. We follow a two step process.

The first step in the process is a Career Assessment Test which the candidate has to appear. Career Assessment Tests are paper based or computer based. The person goes through a series of questions through which his personal attributes are measured.

Tools and techniques are used for understanding the person’s preferences, motivational factors, values, skills, emotional quotient which provides an assessment of one’s personality. It is the personality assessment that helps in making the right career choice and to become successful in life.

The result of the test is a detailed report on the personality traits. The person’s preferred career options and their fit to his personality is studied and a fit analysis is provided. Apart from the desired career choices of the person, a list of choices as per the analysis is given.

Hence the candidate has his choices and how best it fits his personality. If the fit is perfect, Voila, you have hit the Bull’s Eye.

And we provide you with many more career choices which befits your personality.

The next step is the key step of a session of counselling and guidance with an experienced Counsellor. The Counsellor helps the Counselee know himself better. The Counsellor helps the Counselee to understand the assessment report and understand the implications. The traits as per the report is validated with the Counselee and if necessary, changes are noted.

The Counsellor next exposes the Counselee to the whole new world of appropriate opportunities. He details them for the Counselee and provides guidance on how to approach the career choices in terms of places of study, entrance exams, how to prepare for admissions and the career path in the profession.

Constellation works with Sairam Institute of Higher Studies to provide this service. Sairam has been in this activity for a long time. We work with school students, the ideal classes are from Class VII to Class X. We conduct the assessment test and provide the results. Next, we conduct the Career Counselling and Guidance sessions with the students and their parents.

We also conduct the sessions at college level where we assist students in understanding career options in terms of higher studies, selection of economic sectors and roles that are suitable.

We advise working professionals with guidance on career moves, career corrections and addressing behavioural issues that they may be facing in their workplace.

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