Corporate Training  



Constellation participates in various Corporate Training programmes in partnership with Aidias Consulting.
» Objectives of the Course:
To assist a professional to improve upon his skills in various behavioural and technical areas.
» Details:
The courses can be conducted at the client premises or the Constellation center in Salt Lake, Kolkata
We have conducted soft skills programmes like Customer Service, Effective Communication, Team Building, Process Orientation, Sales Orientation
We can design and customise a variety of programmes for a company based on the requirements and get appropriate trainers to deliver the courses effectively
We have conducted IT courses for corporates like Microsoft Project Management, Java, .NET, MySQL PHP
» Schedule:
Module Name No. of Classes Duration of Class Total Contact Hours
Corporate Training Programmes Based on the programme Minimum half day to multiple days Based on the programme
» Course Benefits:
Prepares a professional with the skills necessary for his work and advancement in career
Individual feedback on how the student has performed
Performance reports for each individual and participant feedback shared with the corporate
Long term engagement with a corporate to assist in Training Needs Assessment, Training Calendar Preparation and identification of the right trainers to conduct various programmes