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10 best ways to become a Good Programmer

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become a good programmer

If you are a worker in an IT industry, programming will be one of your favourites. It will drive you daily to your workplace because of the fun and passion it enlists. But, there are a few basics you need to learn before becoming a good programmer. The article here intends to explain to you a list of tips which you can use to excel in your field of programming. Programming refers to instructing the computer to perform various tasks. The instructions can be of many types like adding 2 numbers or rounding up a number. The computers require a specific syntactical form known as the Programming Language to provide them with instructions. However, in case of complex tasks, they do require a series of instructions to carry them out.

We will provide you with ways on how to become a good programmer. The basics for this are:

  • Decide the type of training which suits you
  • Achieve a higher degree for your career goals
  • Try to earn an internship in a tech-related field.

Once done, you can easily learn the ways on how to become a good programmer. Gaining information about various programs in different languages will shoot up your knowledge and experience about coding.

Benefits of Programming

Coding is an important part of programming-translating the instructions into binary commands for the computer to understand. Thus, with the help of a program, you can easily give instructions to the computer to carry them out. For those in doubt as to whether they should choose to program as their career or not, here are some of its benefits which will help you choose:

  • Educational Benefits: There are educational benefits of programming. Once learned, the students can easily understand the basic inner workings of the computer. This, in a way, will create the foundation of the student for successful management of technology shortly.
  • Computational Thinking: There is also computational thinking which provides you with the ability to communicate with your thoughts in a logical and structured manner. This method is used by software engineers, logistics specialist and computer programmers for solving technical problems. It breaks down problems into single-action steps for easy resolving.
  • Thinking process: The fluid mind of students allows them to think in an “out of the box” manner. Explaining the student, the process of coding in a  form of storytelling ill improve his written and oral communication
  • Job Opportunities: Since the competition has completely taken over the market, job opportunities have become very few. Most of the jobs require a piece of basic knowledge about IT skills to use computers and technology. Those who are specialists in the field of coding are high-paid and highly sought-after on the current market.

These benefits will not only help the grown-ups but also the students to improve their thinking and processing. From physicians to musicians, anybody will be able to develop computer apps and software or do programs.

Becoming a Good Programmer

In the fast-growing field of computers, programming has become a highly crucial necessity. They create software and operating systems on which every computer relies. They also test programs to fix errors which might pop up in codes and write updates for the existing ones.

However, you cannot define a good programmer, but you can relate them to those people who have excellent knowledge of developed IT Solutions and help in the overall growth of the industry. Given below are 10 ways by which you can become a good programmer.

1. Working on the basics

Conceptually understanding the concept of programming is most important. Once you have scrutinized the core concept, you can easily implement the best possible solutions for the problems. Experience without knowledge might lead to a huge mess. While coding, the business goals must be kept in mind to avoid any damage to the sector.

2. Asking questions regarding every code you write

As a good programmer, you must always have the zeal and curiosity in you to ask questions regarding your work as to what or how things are happening.  However, work with tight deadlines will not always allow you to do so, but a good coder will try to carry out his work with utmost dedication.

3. Helping other groups

A good programmer not only improves his work with time but also tries to help the other groups with inferior coding language. You can also search for groups having different coding styles and discuss it with them to improve your own. Understanding others problems and dealing with them will help you learn better.

4. Writing codes which are simple, logical and understandable:

The formula of KISS (Keep It Short and Simple)  also works in programming. Complex codes might not always be logical. Some even tend to write complex codes so that they can show their capability. . Logical codes are always more extendable and can provide you with better results.

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5. Utilizing more time in analyzing problem so that you’ll need less time in fixing it:

If you focus more sincerely in analyzing the problem, you will find better solutions to it. And with that, the rest of the things will also be a bit more feasible. YouTube provides you with plenty of materials to dig into to solve your problems and become a good coder.

6. Analyze and review your code first before anyone sees it:

What is more important is to analyze one’s code first so that you may improve in writing close-to-bug-free code. Also, never hesitate to hear the reviews about your code. These reviews will only help you learn better. If necessary, try rewriting your code to be better.

7. Don’t get disappointed by the World’s changing technology:

Every upcoming company is focused on working with the recent technologies. The latest technologies like APIs, framework, and others intend to make the programming easier. Don’t get disheartened by looking at it. This is the continuous phase of the technology world. What you have to understand is that the core technology is slower compared to the new. Becoming a good programmer, you should start adapting to these.

8. Don’t work for a longer time:

Working for longer hours is more implemented in the technology field. But, in reality, longer hours result in corrupting the code, increasing its maintenance cost and making it more time-consuming. If you want to become a coder, you should have an in-out solution all the time to avoid these problems.

9. Reading the documentation:

There are several documents like the JSR, API documentation, tutorials, etc. try reading them to improve your work. Try to read other’s codes as well, to improve your own. The Open-Close Principle(OCP) should also be followed so that the code becomes easier for maintaining, reading and reusing.

10. Short Functions:

To maintain the good readability of codes, you should use short and well-names functions. The shorter the code, the easier it is for understanding and testing.

To conclude, it can be said that whatever the case may be, never try to compare yourself with anybody else. It will only lead to negative emotions and a feeling of revenge. All this is a part of the learning path, and you should always learn from it. An important part of becoming a good programmer is that you have to make yourself a part of the community. Never let others critics demotivate you. Always allow yourself to explore.

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