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Aptitude Test Preparation with Online Test Portal

Aptitude Test Preparation with Online Test Portal

The aptitude test preparation helps students to prepare for their aptitude test exams during the college placement process. Most companies who recruit from campus drives, off campus drives or   placement interviews at their premises conduct a screening test which consist of the aptitude test topics.

Students also have to prepare the same topics for many competitive exams conducted by Government departments, Banks, Insurance companies, Railways and Civil Services Exams.

There are 5 broad topics of the course.

  • Quantitative Skills
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Data Interpretation
  • Data Sufficiency
  • Verbal Aptitude

It is best to start studying for the aptitude tests in the pre final year as the syllabus is quite large and you need to practice a lot to pick up speed. At Constellation we have qualified and expert tutors teaching.

Students get access to an Online Test Portal for practice where there are topic wise question papers as well as papers covering the complete syllabus.

Section A: Quantitative Skills (45 Hours)

1. Number System

16. Simplification

31. Ratio and Proportion

2. Arithmetic Progression

17. Approximation

32. Partnership

3. Geometric Progression

18. Average

33. Unitary Method

4. HCF and LCM

19. Percentage

34. Problem Based on Ages

5. Simple and Decimal Fractions

20. Profit and Loss

35. Mixture or Allegation

6. Square Root and Cube Root

21. Discount

36. Time and Work

7. Indices

22. Simple Interest

37. Work and Wages

8. Surds

23. Compound Interest

38. Problem Based on Trains

9. Pipes and Cisterns

24. Time, Speed and Distance

39. Clock

10. Boats and Streams

25. Races and Games of Skill

40. Quadratic Equations

11. Calendar

26. Linear Equations

41. Area and Perimeter

12. Permutation and Combination

27. Probability

42. Coordinate Geometry

13. Volume and Surface Area

28. Geometry

43. Set Theory

14. Trigonometry

29. Height and Distance

45. Vedic Mathematics

15. Statistics

30. True Discount and Banker’s

Section B: Logical Reasoning (10 Hours)

1. Pattern Recognition

5. Coding and Decoding

9. Syllogism

2. Logical Word Sequence

6. Blood Relation

10. Ranking Test

3. Analogy

7. Puzzles

4. Word Problems Based on Number

8. Number Series

Section C: Data Interpretation (5 hours)

1. Data Table

3. Pie Chart

5. Bar Chart

2. Line Graph

4. Mixed Graph

Section D: Data Sufficiency (single topic) (2 Hours)

Section E: Verbal Aptitude (18 Hours)

1. Grammar and Usage

4. Grammar and Usage, Tenses & Articles

7. Verbal Analogy, Word Analogy, Verbal Deduction, Word

2. Preposition, Comprehension, Clozet

5. Building Vocabulary Change of Voice, spellings & odd one out

8. Completing Statements, Matching of Meaning and usage

3. Statement & Conclusion, Inference, Assertion & Reason

6. Facts Inferences Judgments, Cause & Effect, Course of Action, Verification of Truth

9. Change of speech, Sentence correction, improvement & rearrangement

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