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Full Stack Developer Course

Full Stack Developer Course

Duration: 80 Hours, conducted online

In the world of web application and mobile app development, we find the emergence of a professional who is able to develop an application end to end. He has knowledge of the front end, middle tier and back end. There are numerous technologies which are used in the three tiers of development.

Today IT companies are recruiting generalists who have knowledge of all the components and specialist capabilities of one or two components. In this way, they are able to reduce their costs. Maintenance of applications become easy with fewer people.

We have taken together technologies from each area, that is front end and back end and compiled a course which is aimed for the industry requirement. In case you want to learn an additional component, we can also accommodate that. Read the next sections.

The Objective of the Course is to prepare a student on a set of technology stack for becoming a Full Stack Developer. We shall select a set of tools from each of the areas of development.

  • Front End Tool: HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • Front End Framework and Libraries: Bootstrap – Angular, React.js and JQuery
  • Back End Development and Framework: PHP and Laravel
  • Database: MySQL

Through a process of lecture, demonstration, problem solving and project, we shall prepare the student to become thorough in the Technology Stack.

The benefits of the course are:

  • An end to end knowledge of the components of the Full Stack Development framework
  • Ability to work independently on each of the components with confidence
  • Industry project which will help in understanding the practical use of the knowledge
  • Access to the Constellation placement network of companies across who recruit from the pool of students that we train.


The total duration of the course is 80 hours which shall be covered in 5 months. It would include lecture, problem solving and working on an Industry project.

Who should take the Course?

The course can be taken by professionals and students of pre final year and final year of the mentioned disciplines

  • Industry Professionals who wish to reskill to digital technologies or want to work on end to end development technologies and build their own teams
  • Students of Engineering both at Bachelors and Masters levels with an interest in computers and programming
  • Students of Computer Application at Bachelors and Masters levels
  • Students pursuing Science in Computers at Bachelors and Masters levels
  • Students of Science with a flair for Computers and programming
  • Students of Commerce with a flair for Computers and programming

The course content is given below:

  • Front End Tool: HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • Front End Framework and Libraries: Bootstrap – Angular, React.js and JQuery
  • Back End Development and Framework: PHP and Laravel
  • Database: MySQL

Front End Tool


Introduction HTML
HTML Basics
HTML Elements
HTML5 Semantic
HTML Attributes
HTML Headings
HTML Paragraph
HTML Styles

HTML Formatting
HTML Quotations
HTML Computer Code
HTML Comments & Colours
HTML CSS, Links and Images
HTML Lists
HTML Blocks
HTML Classes

HTML Layout
HTML Responsive
HTML iframes
HTML JavaScript
HTML Entities and URI Code
HTML Symbols and XHTML
HTML Charset and Forms


Introduction CSS3
CSS3 Syntax
CSS3 How To
CSS3 Colours
CSS3 Backgrounds
CSS3 Boarders
CSS Padding
CSS Height/Width
CSS3 Gradients
CSS3 Shadows
CSS3 Text
CSS3 Fonts
CSS3 2D Transforms
CSS3 3D Transforms
CSS Links

CSS Lists
CSS Tables
CSS Box Model
CSS Outline
CSS Display
CSS Max-width
CSS Position
CSS Float
CSS Inline-block
CSS Align
CSS Combinators
CSS Pseudo-class
CSS Pseudo-element
CSS Navigation Bar
CSS Dropdowns

CSS Tooltips
CSS3 Images
CSS Attr Selectors
CSS Forms
CSS Counters
CSS3 Animations
CSS3 Buttons
CSS3 Pagination
CSS3 Multiple Columns
CSS3 User Interface
CSS3 Box Sizing
CSS3 Filters
CSS3 Media Queries
CSS3 Responsive


Introduction to JavaScript
Java Script Language Basics
JavaScript Objects
JavaScript Scope
JavaScript Events
JavaScript Strings
JavaScript Numbers
JavaScript Math

JavaScript Arrays
JavaScript Boolean
JavaScript Comparisons
JavaScript Conditions
JavaScript Switch
JavaScript Loops
JavaScript Type Conversion
JavaScript RegExp

JavaScript Errors
JavaScript Debugging
JavaScript Hoisting
JavaScript Strict Mode
JavaScript Functions
JavaScript Objects
JavaScript Forms
JavaScript HTML DOM

Front End Framework and Libraries


Responsive Web Development
Bootstrap Content Development Network
Using Bootstrap
Mobile First
Responsive Grid Layout

Reusable GUI Components
Including Bootstrap CSS Files
Including Bootstrap JavaScript Files
Viewport Meta Tags
Grid Source

Grid Explained
Navigation (Desktop)
Navigation (Mobile)
Navigation Source
Navigation Explained
Navigation Elements and Styles

Angular JS

Introduction to AngularJS
AngularJS Expressions
AngularJS Modules
AngularJS Data Binding
AngularJS Scoopes
AngularJS Directives & Events

AngularJS Controllers
AngularJS Filters
AngularJS Services
AngularJS HTTP
AngularJS Tables
AngularJS Select

Fetching Data From MySQL
AngularJS Validation
AngularJS API
AngularJS Animations

React JS

ReactJS – Environment Setup
ReactJS – JSX
ReactJS – Components
ReactJS – State
ReactJS – Props Overview
ReactJS – Props Validation

ReactJS – Component API
ReactJS – Component Life Cycle
ReactJS – Forms
ReactJS – Events
ReactJS – Refs
ReactJS – Keys

ReactJS – Router
ReactJS – Flux concept
ReactJS – Using Flux
ReactJS – Animations
ReactJS – Higher order Components


Introduction to jQuery
jQuery Syntax
jQuery Selectors
jQuery Events

jQuery Effects
jQuery HTML
jQuery Traversing
jQuery AJAX & Misc jQuery

Mobile Lists
jQuery Mobile Forms
jQuery Mobile Themes
jQuery Mobile Events

Back End Development and Framework

PHP and Laravel

Introduction to PHP 7, features of PHP
Configure PHP 7 (XAMPP/WAMP)
Use Variables and Expressions Types of Operators
Use Conditional and Flow Control Statements
Use Functions
Create and use Arrays

Form Handling
MySQL Database
Use Cookies and Perform Session Management
Understanding of DOM
Understanding MVC Architecture

Features of Laravel
Understanding Routers, Controllers and Model
Request, Cookies and Response through Laravel


HTTP Parameters
HTTP Messages
HTTP Request
HTTP Response

HTTP Methods
HTTP Status Code
HTTP Header Fields

HTTP Authentication
HTTP Caching
HTTP URL Encoding
HTTP Security


Introduction to Web sockets
Web socket URIs
Web socket APIs

Opening Handshake
Data Framing
Sending and Receiving Data

Closing the Connections
Error Handling
Web socket Security



MYSQL Server Basics
Database models
ER Model Overview
Data types
Basic Queries
Removing Duplicates
Data Filters Using Operators
Data Sorting
Arithmetic and String functions

Advanced Functions
SET Operators
Creating Complex Queries
DML operations – Insert, Update & Delete
Database Objects – Create, Alter and Drop Tables
Complex Views

How Data is Stored
Security – User Management
PLSQL Basics
Programming Concepts in PLSQL
Nested Cursors
Interoperability between Functions & Procedures

Live Project

It is possible to replace a topic with another as per your learning needs, let us know and we shall do the best that we can.

The course will be conducted by our senior faculty, Ms. Shreya Banerjee. She is a B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering and has been teaching for the last 10 years. Shreya is very passionate about her teaching. she puts in a lot of effort in learning the subject thoroughly and possesses good communication skills with which she provides effective coaching to her students.

Her knowledge of IT spans a large number of technologies and she has been teaching and training students in all of them.

  • Programming Language: C, C++, Core Java, JSP, Servlet, Spring, Hibernate, VB.net, C#, Android, Python, R programming, Data Structure and graphics, PHP, Machine Learning, AJAX, Django
  • Scripting Languages: HTML 5, XML, Java Script, CSS3, Angular JS, Node JS, JQuery
  • Database Packages:  MS Access, Oracle & Developer (PL/SQL)10g, 11g, My SQL, SQL Lite
  • Other Theory Subjects:  MS Excel, Advance Excel, OOAD, DBMS, RDBMS –II, System Software, Software Engineering, Digital Logic & circuit Design, Operating System, Microprocessor, Computer Architecture, Automata, Computer Networks, Artificial Intelligence.

Shreya has been conducting trainings in a number of Engineering colleges under the MAKAUT University in West Bengal. She conducts corporate training as well.


We shall provide you with more details as we discuss further. You may contact us using the methods below whichever suits your convenience.

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