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insAnalytics is a Corporate House for ‘end-to-end’ Data Analytics driven Digital Transformation. Our Data Analytics Industry veterans have multi-decade industrial experience in Business Analytics, Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics, Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence, Image Processing, IoT, etc. specializing in complex Statistical and Econometric Modelling and Operations Research. We provide innovative solutions to complex business problems for Global leaders across industries.

insAnalytics’ academic wing aims to equip participants with cutting-edge skills in the most rapidly growing fields in today’s Analytics landscape viz. Data Science, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Image Processing and their application in the industry. Our faculty members bring a unique blend of decades of Data Analytics industry experience and relevant academic background at global premier institutes.

Constellation has tied up with insAnalytics to offer seminars and courses both at the corporate and college levels. The courses being currently offered are:

  1. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  2. Data Analytics
  3. Python Programming

insAnalytics was started by Mr. Goutam Das who is its current Managing Director. He holds a Ph.D. in Foreign Direct Investment – International Business and an M.Tech. in Computer Engineering from IIT Kharagpur. He is an Alumnus of IIM Calcutta and Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi. He comes with 25+ years of experience across industry verticals (Banking, Capital Markets, Retail, Supply Chains, etc.). His expertise is in Business Analytics, Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Econometrics, Operations Research, Lean Six Sigma & Balanced Scorecard implementation.

Refer to the website, https://www.insanalytics.com/ for more details about the organisation.

For courses that we conduct jointly with insAnalytics, refer to the training page for college courses, https://constellationtnp.com/services/college-training/

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