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Plumule Research

Plumule Research LLP

Plumule Research LLP is a Kolkata based MSME organization recognized under Startup India program as an Edutech promoting industrial research and innovation in engineering institutions. We aim to grow entrepreneurs and students capable of creating innovative digital platforms and products that are resilient and sustainable in this world of rapid change.

Our vision is to give every student a dream job and every industry a dream student. By introducing real life industry research in students, we prepare them to be more productive in a rapidly changing digital world and infuse design thinking and breakthrough innovations at work.

We are partnered with Constellation Training & Placement Services to provide unique combinatorial learning programs that bridge industry and academia and are designed along the principles of Education 4.0 to the end customer. These programs drive technology learning in cross discipline engineering students through solving real industrial problems.

In the corporates we focus on seminars, data analytics and digital transformation roadmaps. All sessions follow the Education Framework 4.0 (World Economic Forum) and are focussed towards upskilling in Industry 4.0 technologies.

Our uniqueness lies in how we make learning effective for lifetime. Every course we conduct will have a core technology in focus and an approach to solve real world problems. We provide a lifelong learning experience by immersing students into a platform for systems thinking and innovation, addressed to solve five niche problems in education today:

  • How to learn technology through experimentation & exploration
  • How to think globally and on sustainability while applying technology
  • How to innovate in a connected ecosystem
  • How to empathise with the current context, the environment and the users while applying
  • How to pre-empt the future by long thinking and empathise

Ms. Riti Chatterjee, the Partner and CEO of the organisation is a Goal oriented veteran in IT with 25+ years of experience in planning, architecting and implementing information systems solutions to address business opportunities in a plethora of industries.

The courses jointly offered by Constellation and Plumule Research are:

  1. Industrial Robotics – Concepts, Simulation and Programming
  2. Internet of Things (IoT) – Devices, Networks and Programming
  3. Cloud Computing – Concepts, Models and Implementation
  4. Industrie 4.0 – Concepts, Modules, Industry Project

The courses are in the form of Awareness talks, Seminars, 30 hours courses and internships and a one year complete course on Industrie 4.0 along with Placement Support.

For more details about the organisation, click on https://www.plumuleresearch.com/
For courses that we conduct jointly with Plumule Research, refer to the training page for college courses, https://constellationtnp.com/services/college-training/

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