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Sairam Institute of Higher Studies

Sairam Institute of Higher Studies

Sairam Institute of Higher Studies (SIHS) was formed to implement a vision of Mr Gautam Mitra, the founder of SIHS which is to empower youth by developing a scientific technique to analyze the right bent of mind of them. SIHS collaborated with Scholars Mojo who provided the technical platform for counselling, assessment and guidance. This platform provides comprehensive report for the counselee based on technical analysis of the submitted response.

SIHS embarked upon its journey to provide Career Counselling to students and professionals to select the right courses to study, the right career to choose from and to make the right career moves. Constellation has partnered with SIHS to jointly work on this idea in schools.
SIHS has an impressive track record of admitting students in Colleges and Universities in India and abroad. They cover courses such as Medicine, Engineering, Management, Humanities, Agriculture and Fine Arts. They assist students with scholarships and arrangement of loans. We work with SIHS for our college and school students who would like to pursue higher studies in India or abroad.

Mr. Gautam Mitra is the driving force behind the organisation. An ex-student of R.K. Mission Vidyalaya, Narendrapur, he completed his Masters from Calcutta University with specialization in Economic History. With a rich experience of 35 years in a leading multinational organisation in different senior position in Secretarial, HR and Administration Departments, Mr. Mitra stepped into the arena of higher education abroad since 2010. He specialized in higher education studies in China as Director of The School of Chinese Language and is now engaged in Career Guidance and promotion of Higher education in India as well as in China, Ukraine, Bangladesh, Kyrgyzstan and a host of other leading countries of the world.

Refer to the page https://constellationtnp.com/services/career-assessment/ for details of our career assessment services and get back to us with your queries. We will be happy to help you.

For studies abroad, refer to our page, https://constellationtnp.com/services/study-abroad/. Write to us and we shall assist you with your admissions both in India and abroad.

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