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Learning Management System

We use an online Learning Management System (LMS) to support our teachers and students in the delivery of the course and in accessing content necessary for the course. Most of our courses are supported by the LMS.

When you register for a course with us, we shall provide you with a Userid and Password along with a link to the LMS. You will be able to Login to the system effortlessly and view the course for which you have registered.

The content that you can access for a course are:

  • Curriculum
  • Chapter wise synopsis
  • Assignments
  • Mock Tests
  • Performance Dashboard

The mock tests are a very good way to practice and assess your understanding of the course. It comes with a variety of options like multiple choice, short answers and long answers type of tests.

This tool provides you pictorially and graphically information on the course. It has notices and announcements on the course. There is information on upcoming events like exams and assignment submissions. You can also view your performance through the dashboard.

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